TEN Wunderbar V2

Simply wunderbar

Engineered for precision and reliability, the new Wunderbar control bar is created to elevate your riding experience, no matter your skill level.

Simplicity and durability in one sleek package.

This all-you-need bar is stripped down to the essentials for a pure, uncluttered riding experience. The Wunderbar v2 features PU-covered  depower and safety lines to minimize wear and tear. The trimmer line is equipped with corrosion-resistant magnets, enhancing durability. 

Our flying lines are crafted from the highest standard SK99 Dyneema, which offers minimal stretch and shrinkage for optimal performance. The power lines can withstand a breaking load of 500 kg, while the steering lines support up to 300 kg, ensuring minimal drag and the most direct steering experience possible. Each line measures 23 meters and has interchangeable pigtails, making the bar compatible with any kite Low V kite. 

Available bar sizes: 45 cm and 52 cm
Line length: 23 meters (20m+3m extensions)

Dyneema SK99 lines

High quality Dyneema SK99 kite lines are known for their exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, and minimal stretch making them the ultimate choice for kiteboarding enthusiasts seeking unparalleled performance.

- Insane strength-to-weight ratio

- Minimal stretch

- 500 kg front  |  300 kg rear

- 20+3 m

Magnetic depower system

Integrated into the depower system is a cleverly designed magnet which serves to neatly store the depower cord while riding. This feature eliminates any annoying dangling cords.

- Elastic trimmer

- Stainless steel clam cleat

- No dangling

- Did we mention magnets?!

Click-in quick-release 
The NEW Wunderbar V2 is equipped with a new quick-release system that offers a super easy click in feature and instant disengagement in emergency situations, providing peace of mind for safe and secure kiteboarding.

- Maximum safety, minimal effort

- No fiddling around, just click and go!

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Now Available! 


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